Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Great Get Away

Williamsburg: May, 2005
Mark and I with a new found friend; wish I could remember its name....and yes, my only are my legs showing, but my hair is uncovered. But then, Mark and I aren't married yet.

Funny looking at these pictures. Mark gained weigh from Chemo; me from taking streoids to remove a nasel growth. We have both lost some much weigh since then we look like different people.

The Governor House. Since we didn't have Guest passes, we couldn't go into. That would have to wait until our honeymoon.

The Mail Office.

It was a wonderful, restful three days. We left Friday before Shabbat and returned Sunday evening.
The first night. Mark and I had supper in his room. I ordered a hamburger and fries, he the Governor's Special; fowl and spring veggies.
When our meal arrived and the waiter left, we Blessed G-d for the food and Mark got the shock of his life.
The piece of fowl barely fit in the palm of his hand. It was really a Chicken McNuggart. The veggies were tiny and a spoonful.
"Your kidding!"
I had to work hard not to laugh. My supper was less than $20.00.
Mark's 35.00
So, after Mark finished his three bite chicken, I cut my hamburger in half and shared half my fries.
He walked me to my room, said good-night and in the quiet of my room, burst out laughing.

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natalie said...

Dear Elayne and Mark
awwww! what a sweet story! thanks for sharing!