Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Purity Ring and Remaining Tidy Part 2

I have a funny feeling that my Poodle ring got lost in the move to the new apartment. Maybe it is for the best; letting go fully of the past.
I received a few e-mails about the Purity Ring.
Mostly good.
Can we be sure if our teens remain tidy? I think it boils down to with one: how you raised them.
two: do you trust them.
three: do you practice what you preach.
I know friends who have wore the Purity Ring and remain virgins until their wedding nights. I trust them enough to believe this to be true. And then there are those like myself who chose after being sexuality for moral and biblical reasons to remain celibate until we are married.
It is not an easy choice, not one everyone would chose or understand. One some would even call this way of thinking insane or extreme. That as a Modern woman, I need to "get busy." But it is the choice we made.
And I have never regretted it.
This evening, my husband and I were asked to share about our courtship with a group of teenagers. We did not have to say "do as we say, and not as we do," because we chose to wait. Later, I would recieve a call from one of the teen's mums.
She asked her parents for a Purity ring.

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