Monday, 6 October 2008


I remember the day well.

Richard, my PT therapist and I had been sharing our memories of New York. We were both born in New York and while my family moved to Boston while I was still a child, Richard had lived there most of his life. And I still had fond memories.
I had just changed into my street clothes when a woman came running in and said; "ins't it aweful?" Realizing I didn't know what she was talking about, she imformed me that two planes had flown into the WTC and another hit the Pentagon. I went into shock. I couldn't believe my sounded as if we someone declared war upon the Untied States.

I sudden could understand the shock and dismay of this nation when Pearl Harbor was attacked. I remember the woman saying: "I need to hug every American I see." And we did.
I needed it.
I walked into the pool area, looking for Richard. I couldn't help but think this was some sick joke.
But Richard had just heard the news as well and then the Life Guard turned up the sound. The Y I attend is in the busniess area of Norfolk and we were being told the building was being closed in light of the attack.
As I walked outside, the area that is so busy with people was like a ghost town. Most were leaving the area. I arrived home and turned on the TV. For a few moments I thought I ahd left the movie Independance Day in the VCR from the night before.

I didn't. It was true. We had been attacked; we were at war.
Suddenly, my thoughts went to Mark, a man I hadn't seen in weeks. I didn't know then why he came heavy upon my heart, but a few weeks later, I would.

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