Sunday, 12 October 2008

That Summer

The next morning I recieved a call.
It was from Mark.
He has just arrived in Baghad and was in shock. He finally saw the reports we here in the States had been hearing the month he was home.
When Mark came home, he told us things weren't as bad as many places had reported.
But during the time of Mark's R&R, things in Bagdad fell apart. That things went from bad to worse since mid-March.
Clearly he was shaken and fully dimhearted by what he was witnessing.
And I was both honoured and humbled that he turned to me for support.
This is also when he asked me to make a wedding sample for his okder brother. Since this is my busniess, of course he paid me. But it gave me a chance to meet more of his family.
We talked alot the next several weeks. I would later learn that he was 'told' to call me.
It seems G-d provided a buddy, his best buddy Sam,
They helped to keep each other sane.
I remember speaking to Sam several over ther phone.
Once, Sam told me that after Mark spoke to me on the phone, he would be calmer and easiler to deal with. In fact, I rmember once and a while Sam himself would call me and hand Mark the phone :) It was a time of intense prayer, for I knew he was having a hard time.
Besides Sam, there were few believers for Mark to have fellowship with. And then Sam's tour was over, which added to Mark's depression. Added with the ongoing struggle of growing feelings for me.
And then came that day.
My birthday, he said he wanted to tell me he loved me, but felt the next words would be "would you marry me?"
He wasn't ready to go there. I said: "and what makes you think I would say yes?"
It was the shock he needed. I told him I love him too, but only wanted to be with the man G-d would have for me and knew he loved me. Fact is, just before he rang off with me, he said; "I know this, your in my heart." I told him, he was in my.
That is telling someone you love them.
I knew he loved me, I knew he was the one. G-d would have to be the One help Mark battle his of what others would think and heal his broken heart.
Yet, he would keep writing and calling me.
And then came the call: "Laini, I'm coming home!" His tour was coming to a close sooner than any of us expected. But, the Green Zone was being turned over to the Iraqis, so his job was done.
He had thought however, of staying in Iraq, joining a contruction company that was helping to build homes for Iraqis.
He asked me what I thought.
I swallowed. I wanted him to come home.
So, I told him while I thought this was a noble idea (that is true) I felt that he really needed to come home; that his parnets were really having a hard time with his being gone and he needed to come home at least fror a while.
After I hung up, the L-rd told me to call back and tell Mark I also missed him and needed him to come home.
Of course I turned around to see if there was anyone esle in the room. Funny, really when you consider I live alone.
Why do things happen when one is alone?
So, I called Mark back....
Mark said "Oh?"
After a few minutes of pause, Mark said, " I guess when this deployment is over, I'm coming home. "
He told me later, my saying I needed him home was what made the difference.
He really wanted to know if I needed him.
The sneak.

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