Saturday, 11 October 2008

Back in the States

From the end of December 03 to Feb 04, I truly thought I had lost my bestfriend. I would later leran that that:
1. two family members had a role in the huge blowup we had (his)
2. Mark did some major soul searching, knew he was wrong and had to not only rebuild the relationship, but my trust.
The turning point came when he realize that he should have talked to me, since it was our relationship. Mark had always been a loner and not use to sharing his life with others outside his family. I won his trust enough to let into his space.

I also realize I also had some trust issuses to work out. I had to be more, not less patience with my bestfriend.
So, between March and April, Mark was on R%R. He did some traveling in Poland and Germany, then came home.
I knew he would be in the States and I looked forward to seeing my friend, reminding myself he was "my friend."
One spring Shabbath morning as I was getting dressed for service, Mark called, letting me know he was coming to pick me up for service. The tone of his voice was upbeat and happy.
At this time, I had moved. The townhouse I was living in was marked for mowning down for an addtion of the main street, so the city moved me to a townhouse several blocks from where I use to live. So I gave Mark my new address.
I look out the door, looking for his jeep. And found it parked at the apartment across from me.
I opened my mouth to call his name....and nothing came out.
I couldn't believe it; I forgot Mark's name!
So I called "Captain Reel!"
Poor thing thought he was back in Iraq.
He spotted me, jumped back into the jeep and turned around, and finding me, came running and wrapping me in his arms, he lifted me off my feet. (and that is no easy task!)
He was as handsome as always, wearing that big beautiful smile, his blue-green eyes huge.
Mark was in love.
With me.
And he had the camel to prove it.

The Camel
Believe it or not, I have a love of Camels. Don't be surprise if you ever read about Mark and I having our own Camel farm. Or is it stable? It isn't just their eyes, but their whole spirit. They know what they do and don't like and have a pretty good way of letting you know hwo they feel about a thing.
And I had told Mark I wanted a Camel and a copy of 10001 Arbaian Nights.
So, as the story goes, just before he left Baghad, Mark told a friend that his lady would a Camel. And since the army frowned upon him bringing home a real one, he had to find the next best thing. So, his buddy told him of a toy store in the Green Zone where they might have what he was looking for. So, off Mark went, looking high and low, until he found the Camel he knew I would like.
So, that morning, after getting the air squeezed out of me and he came in the new townhouse, he handed me my Camel.
This man, in a warzone, went out to find and buy a Camel for me.

Now tell me that isn't love?

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