Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Interesting Times

Seeing Bali off back to Nigeria. Bali, Mark, me, Hassim and Muhammad.

Ah! wonderful thing about Chemo; it is finally kicking in.
One of the interesting things that happen during this time was when Mark found his new apartment, he soon had two new roommates.
Two observe Muslims.
Oh! to be the fly on the wall during this time.
At this time didn't know what was wrong with him and working through some very angry emotions. A strong, mature Torah observe Jew with two Muslim; one from Nigeria and the other Egypt, just as firm in their faith. This was going to be interesting. And I wanted a ring side seat. Often times, I could be found sitting in a corner with a big tub of popcorn and a cold Coke.
Yes, there were 'intense momnets.' but for the most part the three men did get along. Mark said his his secret weaspon; me. Hassim and I were the same colour and I had several friends from Nigeria. Because I have spend much time in Muslim countries, I was able to help Mark avoid mine fields. As Sepherdic Jews, our culture is very much like theirs, so there was some commen ground.
They also watched our rlationship very carefully. I watched my dress, knowing their moral stance. And because they could see the respect for thier culture and feelings, I was always treated with the upmost respect. In fact, I became known as 'the lady of the house.' Not that anyone worried that Mark would treat me with anything but respect, But Bali and Hassim watced our relationship like a hawk. To these two men, I was a'holy woman' because of the way I carried myself. They knew me to be moral and upright and it went a long way to when Mark shared his faith, his Muslim friends would listen, for they could see that it was real.
Bali was only with us nine months, then had to return home to his wife and family. Otherwise he would have stayed for the wedding. But our Muslim and Hindu friends, those who would never come to another House of Worship, came out of respect for Mark and me.
We have since lost contact with our friends. Hassim has since married and has a little girl. Please keep our friends in prayers.
These men helped make us better disciples of Yeshua.

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