Friday, 10 October 2008

A Year In Iraq

Suddenly the evening news took on new meaning for me.

For my son and my best friend were over there, in a land where war was brewing. The war was suddenly personal.

I really never gave such things thought. True, my own adopted father had died when I was a baby. My step-dad, uncles and even male cousins have served in the miliatry. I had even wanted to, but with my eye sight and asthmas, I didn't cut mustard.

And then there was a period of my life (early 20's) when I was a peace-nick.

Until I realize the things that were worth living for were indeed worth fighting and yes, even dying for.

I had haelped Mark clean up and lock up his apartment for the year that he would be gone. He gave me his own computer from West Point.
I finally got the old girl working, and this is how I got introduced to the world of the internet. If you had told me before Januray 2003, that a computer could be used to reach out and touch someone, bring people together and that the folks you meet online do become wonderful friends, I would have not believed you. I now know that this is quite true.
For a awhile Mark was out of contact as the troops were preparing to enter Bagdad and then taking the city over. Sometimes I would recieve two or three e-mails a day. Somethings it would be weeks. I had to remind myself that I was just the best friend. There were no promise between us, though I had told Mark I would be here when he came back.
Mark said while he wanted me to go on with my life, he was thrilled to know that his buddy was there in the States, praying for him, sending CarePackages and writing e-mail.

And waiting for him.
After several months, I was writing folks that supported Mark, letting them know how he was doing, what he needed prayer. There were times I knew he was depressed, but kept writing anyway.
But in November I felt a cooling in the relationship. I didn't know why, but I could feel my buddy pulling away.
Over the holidays I would find out why.
Someone had told Mark a lie about me. And he believed it.

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