Sunday, 12 October 2008

And So It Begins

I remember when Mark got the letter from the clinic with the name of the doctor he was being referred to. He looked at me and asked;"Oncology. Isn't that cancer?"
All I could do was nod my head. For the second time I cried out to G-d; "Both of them?"
First Mark and my son being send to war at the same time.
Now, Mark and my mum going to the same Cancer Center.
This was going to be a long night.

As a farmer Hospices LPN, I knew how serious things were. Mark asked many questions, questions I hated answering.
For he wanted to know how bad bad could get.
And I didn't want to go there.
Now you have to understand, I am not a pushy person. But having been an Hospics LPN for many years and my bestfriend could well have cancer, I got pushy. For I now realize I loved this man. And whatever time G-d would give us, I wanted.
So I went to every test, every doctor's appointment. Frankly, no one should ever have to go to the doctor's alone. It is always best to have another person for moral support and to make sure you truly understand what was happening.
The night before his visit we had gotten together for supper, he was filling out an questionaire send to him that he had to bring for his appointment.
Are You Moody? Mark's answer; once in a while...
Once in a While! I took that questionaire and answered it myself!
The next day, we arrived at the doctor's, only to be told he could not be seem by the doctor, but at the Navel Hosptial. There haven't been room before and now was. But the Navel hosptial didn't have all of Mark's recent medical changes and the doctor had to get on the phone and make it clear: "This man is walking death. If you don't take him the next few days, I will. He doesn't have time to wait."
I am in no way putting down the Navel Hosptial. But there is there is this thing called Red Tape. And the doctors at the Hosptial-allthey knew was Mark's neck was swollen and what's the big deal. The doctor from the clinic did not imform the Hosptial that Mark's condition was worse than it was.
As Mark began more angry (he felt he was being jerked about) I went into the bathroom and started praying, knowing G-d had to move on Mark's behalf. I would not, could not believe that G-d would keep Mark safe in Iraq, only for me to lose him to a Cancer cell!

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