Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sometimes We Forget

Sometimes, we women forget that men have feelings too.
That they do get hurt, rejection can crush their soul. We we expect them to just 'man up!'
During this time I was dealing with the fact that not only were there black massives in my best buddies lungs, but my mum was found that she had a huge tumor in her stomach and we needed to find out what was happening to her.
Getting over my own bruised feelings, I remembered that this man has just come home from war. His parnets opinions mattered greatly and the added factor is that his family wasn't Messinaic. Like my, his family rejected their jewish roots two generations ago and I as a Messinaic Jew was encourging him in his search of his Jewish roots.

He had learned about his faith from an uncle and decided this was the path he wished to walk. Unlike my family, there were memebers of his family struggled with this change.
My family understood I wasn't rejecting Yeshua (Jesus), but embracing my Jewish roots. And the accepting of the Jewish Messiah is the most Jewish thing one can do.
So here was a woman who shared not only most of his interest, but even in his faith. To be with me, he had to go against everthing he had ever grown up with.

Plus, there had been another woman he once loved that crushed his heart and he had a problem with trust.
This was a ten foot wall only G-d could knock door.
And now, he was dealing with being ill.
Things moved quickly. He got the CT Scan, it was read then was gvien the name of a doctor.
When I saw the name of the doctor he was being send to, my heart dropped to my feet, driving me to my knees in prayer.
It was the same Cancer Center my mum was going to.

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