Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Hair Cutting Party

This was a hoot!
Several year ago our buddy, Sarah's mum had and survived breast cancer. Kathy and Chuck were one of the leaders of the single's group Mark and I had been part of (at different times) And on one New Year's Eve, the family made shaving Kathy's hair a party.
So, remembering that, I ran with it. We ordered Cokes and Pizza and invited several people over. Sadly Paul and Sarah were out of town, so they couldn't make it.

So it was Mark's parnets, his sister and her two girls.
And we had a blast.
Mark had come up with a bright I idea for pictures...
We got a rope and I ran about the kitchen, chasing Mark with the rope...I would lasso him....drag him to a waiting chair, tie him up and and then with a glee in my eyes go for the hair!
But we let Dad had the first shave. Mum next, I did and one of his nieces. His sister couldn't do it and we didn't push.
After it was over, and Mark went to see what he looked like with a clean head, I said to Dad; "Well, he took that well..." Right clue and there was no way he could have heard me, we heard "AHHH MY HAIR!!!!"
Before he said good night, Mark took me in his arms and kissed my forehead, thanking me once again how to laugh and not to take Cancer so seriously.
I reminded him, we always have fun together.
A New Year
One of the sad things that happen Christmas Day was that one of our niece's wanted a Bunny.
Sadly the Bunny died the night before and thankfully Mark and I weren't around for the scence that followed.
But because of my mum's alleries, (the Bunny fur) we had to find a drugstore that would be open and get medication for mummie.
New Year's End, Paul and Sarah invited us to come and pray the New Year in at their house with friends.
It was a wnderful time. Much of it was praying for Mark's healing. But my slience prayer; that our relationship would result in marriage. Or that G-d would just allow me to move on with my life. I loved Mark with all my heart and made a promise to take care of him during his cancer treatment. But when it is all over; what then? I needed to know where I stood.
A few days later, went to get a new Bunny for Isabel. The store glady replaced the dead Bunny. While there, Mark found this cute little white Polar Bear named Budhha. Press his tummy and he has this deep belly laugh This little guy gave me a giggle.
Now the story; part of the side affects to Chemo can be the removed of the wanting to eat. Or one comes down with a bad case of the munchies.

Mark had the munchie and deveopled alittle tummy. He was getting upset because of the weigh gain, but I reminded him that means his treatment is going well. I would rub his tummy and call it "Budhha!" So his tummy became little Budhha and it also helps the injection of his medication easier.
So, that is why the Polar Bear has so much meaning and a special gift from Mark.
There was also a showdown with Mark's roommates. Since Mark and I were not married and while they liked me alot, by Islamic law , I shouldn't be over so much, even though I am the one taking care of Mark.
That matter had to be worked out and in the end, because I was taking care of Mark kept visiting.
My care of Mark was a few nights of sleeping on the sofa when Mark was very sick and could not be alone. Teaching him how to eat better so to help his body heal and of course the injections. We had decided to keep the medication in my fridge.
Becauase his white blood count was low, we had to go over his diet. I washed all raw fruit and veggies with a vinger-water wash. This removes all bugs and other yucky stuff. Lots of salmon and beef to rebuild his red blood cells. Peppermint tea and candy for his tummy. He also had to wear a mask for that he would not catch cold.

One day we had to go to the bank and he was wearing his surgeral mask. I had to quickly explain it was for medical reasons.
Dr. Hopkins was so pleased with the care Mark was recieving, he wanted me to come and apply with the Navel Hosptial to work with his department.
It was this time Mark and I began to talk about marriage. His sister thought it was the idea of a big wedding that might be scaring him off and if I was willing to settle for a small wedding, Mark would be ok. That was fine with me.
Well, that wasn't it. Mark said if we were going to get married, we were going to have a celebration.

OMG; GroomZilla!
No, it wasn't the size. Mark just had cold feet.
I began to pray: G-d this isn't right! This isn't fair! Mark loves me and I love Mark! But I can't stand anymore of this! Either he marrys me or I am out of here! I know he is scared, but as G-d's
I felt G-d speak to my heart: that Mark and I would indeed be married; H was working on Mark. Just Trust Him.
I chose to trust Him.

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