Monday, 13 October 2008

He Took It Better Than I Thought

As I look back on things, I do remember how many people thought Mark and I were already married.
Or would soon to be.
When G-d brings a couple together, it shows.

I had gone to see Mark the next day for a bit.

Paul and Sarah, showed up also and we had a wonderful time teasing Mark about his hosptial attire.
It turns out that Mark, Paul and Sarah had something up their collected sleeves. I was told I would be "shanghi" the following Friday and I would like it!
Since I was outnumbered, I figured it was best not to fight.
That Thrusday, Mark, his dad and I went to the hosptial for the report. Since I already knew, I had planned to just hang out in the waiting room. But Mark asked me to come into the office with them.
Praise G-d! Mark was downgraded to stage 2. This was awesome news, since this meant his changes of recovery was very good.

Dr. Hopkin's now Mark's doctor, told Mark while Chemo would be hard to go through, once he made it through, the chances of the Cancer returning was 10%. While it was a quick growing cancer, it was caught just in time. Dr. Hopkin told Mark: "this lady saved your life!"
Later, I told Mark I already knew the outcome, but felt it was the doctor's place to tell him. Mark took it well; just like a man, he shrugged his shoulders and ok.
I could have kicked him! Here I was worrying how he would take my knowing before him, thinking he would be angery with me and his only reponsd was OK????

Later he confessed would have rather heard it from the doctor than from me, but it didn't bother him in the least that I knew before he did. It made dealing with the news easier.
After Dr.Hopkins gave him the news, my buddy Mark disappeared and popped out Captian Reel; "OK. What is the next course of action?"
Later, after having lunch with his parents (I still remember the look on his mum's face when he hugged her and said, "it's cancer, mum") Mark and I went out for coffee. This is when he asked me to help take care of him during his Cancer treatment.
I just smiled and told him; "as your friend, I already plan to do so."
I couldn't share what was truly in my heart; that I loved him and I wanted whatever time G-d would give us. I wasn't going anywhere.
Mark told me a year later, I didn't need to say a word; it was written all over my face.

And that he felt the same way.

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