Tuesday, 14 October 2008

You Must Laugh

You Must Laugh
As a former LPN Hospsic nurse, I knew the importance of laugher. Thr Torah tells us that laugh "does the heart good like a medication."
I told Mark once I brought a Cancer patient of my a stuffed crab and told her to call it Cancer. It changed her outlook. You must not allow the disease to define or control you. You must learn to say "I have Cancer; it doesn't have me!"
And it is true. All my patients had I Love Lucy as part of their treatment program. And if they didn't know about Lucy before they met me, they soon came to love her too.
Early in Mark's treatment, Mark found that he was hungry all of the time. He thought Chemo takes away the need to eat. But I told him sometimes, Chemo makes you hunger.
And don't be afraid to eat! It will help the drugs to work and help your body fight the cancer.
"So," I told him, "if you find youself at Burger King @ 2 am ordering everything on the menu and if the clerk ask you, 'what! are you expecting?' Say yes! a five pound, two ounce crab."
Mark looked at me like I was from Mark. He started laughing, thinking I had said something else. Mark thought he heard me say "crab" with a 'p' and not a 'b'.
We had a good laugh over his mishearing what I said.
This was the beginning of Mark's healing. Not only of his body, but of his heart.

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