Tuesday, 14 October 2008

A Reel Christmas

As I said in an earlier entry, the doctor found large growths in my mum's stomach in October. The same time Mark started his series of test.
The news about my mum wasn't good. The doctors were concern about the growths in my mum's tummy.
I had told Mark about how lousy my mum's Thankgsgiving was and how I wanted to give her an old fashion Christmas.
Mark not only loved the idea, but wanted to make it a family affair, bringing both family together. This way we could bless both our families.
So I call my mum back and told her our plans. She loved it. I told her we were planning a 'real Christmas.
Mark asked me did I hear what I just said.
No, I didn't
"A Real Christmas." I are staring at Mark when it dawned on me; A Reel Christmas.
I know, I know; I growl too.

I knew Mark wanted to do this dinner for our families. But I was also concern about Mark's health. It hadn't as yet occur to Mark (even after the first bout of major pain) that he wasn't the same; that the Chemo was robbing him of his energy.
But his wanting to bless our family and his roommates was a driving force and all I do is remind him to slow down or nap.
And most of the time he would.
I already knew Mark's parnets and had met his three sisters. In fact, one just came out and asked him when was he going to marry me. It was the brothers I hand't met.
The dinner has gone from just our parents to Mark's recent married sister and her two girls, his older sister, his older brother and his wife. Along with the two roommates.

And with devoted two Muslims in the mix, it made for an interesting night.
Out of respect of the family, I put up a small manger scence, one I choice during the Feast of Booths.
Well, Islam doesn't allow for figures of humans.
So we strike a compromise. Since we honoured them during their Holiday, (The Feast Of Eide, to break the fast) they would do the same for our families. We would covered the figures until the night of the dinner and then uncover them when the family was here.
So, Laini being the planner she is, pulled out her trusty pad and pen and we set out to plan the meal and who would do what. This way the work was divivded.
The day of the dinner did not go well. One of the parties did not pull their end of the dinner and things took longer than they should. This meant, I had to make Mark lay down and even with the meal, he still looked tired.
I went into Mark's bathroom to change and realize for the first time that this was the meeting of our two families. It all hit me like a ton of bricks.
It was Ere Shabbath, Christmas Eve and Mark niece's birthday.
And I was a nervious wreak.

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