Sunday, 12 October 2008

You Must Have Starbucks

After much time on the phone, the doctor's nurse with the clinic and then the hosptial and Laini on the bathroom floor praying (more about that later) and the hosptial finally realizing that this is a serious matter, we were on our way to the clinic to pick the first reports.
Mark was angry.
He knew he was sick; finally faced the fact he was sick and now he felt no one cared. He tried to explain about Military red Tape. But I explain that we serve a G-d that can cut through Red tape; mililitary or otherwise.
But, first we need Starbucks.
Mark looked at me like I had lost my mind.
"No! you need to calm down and get Starbucks. That will give the clinic enough time to gather your records and for you to calm down."
So, on our way to the clinic, we stopped at Starbucks. There was a new drink, Pumkin Spice Latte and I recommended it. But Mark wanted something cold, so he ordered a Camel Coffee on ice. Finally, he began to calm down.
On our way to the clinic, Mark's cell phone went off (I came to love cell phones) it was the Navel Hosptial. The doctor was given Mark's report and told to come straight to the Hosptial. Mark was then asked if he had anything to eat or drink.
Just ice coffee...
Well, he had to have it to me because he was facing a bunch of test.
So we spend the day at Portsmith Naval Hosptial and it was clear to the doctor that was seeing Mark that this was indeed Non-Hopkin's Lympha. He was facing surgery that Friday morning (four days time) for a biopsy of his neck and liver, since there was a spot found there too. We stopped at his parnets to let them know what was happening.
Up until this point, even Mark was thinking I was worrying over something that would prove to be minor.
I kept hoping, praying I was wrong, knowing in my heart I wasn't.
G-d, I wish I had been.
Now, about the bathroom.
Years ago, I remember my mum worked the Governor's office up North. And of course full of drama.

As the only believer in the office, she would often go to the bathroom to pray. She called it the holiest place to pray.
Why? Because, from the bathroom, the only place you have to go is UP.

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