Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Beginning

The Beginning:

Begin at the beginning and when your finish, stop.
That's good....
Ok, was  24th June 2001, a beautiful summer day, the day after my birthday and I was on crutches.
For about a year, I had begun to have an ache in my right ankle. I had slipped upon a grape in 1999, breaking my right ankle and spraining the left, so I was thinking that it was just a by-product of the fall, but in May of 2001, I felt a change in my left ankle.
At the time, I, as a Messinaic Jew, was still ministering at the church I was attending. One of the ministries I was involved in was the dance troupe, Rejoice. 

Januray of that year,  I had  just returned to dance having taken time off to heal from the break and take care of my mum after she had suffered a series of  strokes. Now that my ankle was fully healed and mother settled in a Assisted Living Home I had found, I could return to one of the joys in my life.
It felt so good to dance again.
It was right after Easter that I began hearing  through the church grapevine that there was a very tall, blonde, handsome man wishing to meet me.  No one knew his name, just a handsome man was looking for me.

Had I ran into him?
 No, I hadn't. Trust me; if I had met a very tall, blonde handsome man, everyone would know.
The dance troupe was dancing that  Mother's Day morning. Just as we began, I felt something snap in my left ankle. I didn't worry about it, because I had a doctor's appointment scheduled to check my foot in a few days. I would just wrap my ankle, ice it, and rest until I went to the clinic.

A few days later,  I headed to Senetra's Walk-in Clinic where my then doctor was practicing.  I was of course thinking I may have just pulled a muscle or ligament. She would tell to keep up what I was doing and give me some pain medication.
But that wasn't the case.  I had not  pulled  a muscle:  my achille's tendon had blown out. It turns out that I had a huge heel spur that ran the legnth of the foot, and it had rubbed against the tendon, cutting it. Only by the grace of G-d did I manage to walk, let alone dance. So, I went the doctor's office walking and left in a cast, on crutches and on a waiting list for the first opening for emergency surgery to repair.
So here I was, back on the crutches again.
I was suppose to start a new job that May, working within my communty in helping improve health care for children who come from low-income families. And since the job met hours of being on my feet, something I couldn't do on crutches, the job was over before I could even start.
So my birthday weekend found me in a soft cast, protected by a old white sock that I had cut the toes out of and sewn tiny silk rosebuds. That Sunday, I wore a lacy white dress that matched the cast.
Despite my foot being in a cast and  the upcoming operation, I was in good spirits. I was looking forward to the service, in sharing some time with good friend and who knows, get to go out for lunch.

 It was in the middle of the worship that my life changed.
I had share a Word from the Bible with the congregation and when finished, headed off to the Ladie's Room. 
Picture it; a mocha-lady in a long white dress hippy-hopping on crutches out of the Sanctuary.
I noticed a man standing and moving towards the door. 
How nice, he was holding the door for me...
 He was a tall man, a very tall man, his head almost touching the top of the door post.
"Thank you, sir," I said with a smile man opened the door for me. 
I had just left the Sanctuary, when I heard, behind me: "excuse me, miss."
I turned and looked into the most beauitful blue-green eyes I'd ever seen. In fact I had to shake my head for I thought I was looking in the very Face of Yeshua.

Yes, he was tall, very tall, short, honey- blonde and handsome....This was the man that had been looking for me.
"Yes?" I somehow got out, forgetting about having to go to the restroom.
"I see your wearing a prayer shawel. You must be Messinaic."
Up until that point, I had never believed in love at first sight.
That all changed when I looked into Mark's eyes."

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