Tuesday, 7 October 2008


A woman's heart should be so lost in G-d's that a man must seek God to find her.

I got off easy.
Mark told his family Christmas Day that he was being deployed to Iraq. I am so glad I wasn't there for that conversation.
Within days, he learned that he would indeed be deployed in Januray. So the last few weeks flew by. I don't think there was a day that passed we weren't together.
Mark was so much fun to be with. Easy to talk to about anything. But our growing feelings for each other.
The last night we were together we watched the first half of, of all things, the Ten Commandments. We had come to the scene where Moshe had left Eygpt and was living in the desert. He was now watching sheep and talking to the sheperd girl. While beautifu, she was not the Princess Moshe had loved and left behind. She was comparing herself to the beauitful woman, knowing she could never measure up. But this is the woman Moshe chose to love.
I knew how the sheperd girl felt. I wasn't what the world calls beautiful. And I knew that I could not never measure up to the beautiful women Mark knew. And the one who broke his heart. The sheperd girl's were my own: "love is not an art to me, but life to me."
It was at this part that Mark had to leave for home and finish packing for he would leave for Fort Bragg the next morning.
One of the things Mark had asked me to do was help clean and pack up his apartment. He had an old computer in his room. The one he used at West Point. He said it needed alittle work, but gave it to me. This way we could say in touch by e-mail.
My first computer.
I watched him walk away. He knew, turned around and waved goodbye again. We promised no tears. I waited until I went to bed.
I miss my bestfriend already. After a while, he will get to Iraq, get busy, maybe meet someone else and forget all about me.
People come into our lives for a reason, for a season....
A few days later, I reieved a call.
It was Mark. He still had his cell-phone. And he was calling his bestfriend.

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