Monday, 6 October 2008

More On Aqua Therapy

More On Aqua Therapy
Water Therapy is in a word-awesome. You can take most excerises and do them in the pool. In fact, my theraptist Richard, added my bar work (ballet that is) to my pool excerises. This helped to retrain my muscles. I highed recommend water therapy, for the water is gentle to the joints. It is now used for folks recovering from strokes and we are even looking for a local pool for my mum to workout in. Mark's parnets workout in the pool as well.
Since I pulled my back, I will also go and workout @ the Y, it will help the healing progress. And frankly, it is fun :)
As I said, Mark and I weren't in touch during this time. After surgery, I was on bedrest for two weeks and when I was up, I had to use the wheelchair.
And Mark had to get his life together. He had one job that didn't work out and then found another. He was also living with his parnets, so he was saving up to find his own place and move out.
During this time, I was still living in Section 8. For those who don't know, this is a program for affordable housing. Years ago, I had to flee an abused marriage and with a young son, had very little. It took years to climb out of a hole I wasn't accostumed to. I was able to raise my son in a half way decent neighorhood. He grew up to become a fine young man (who doen't want anything to do his mother, but that's a different story) and went into the Navy. So my highest respect to singles mums: I have been where you are.
As I was coming to the last few weeks of my therapy two things happen.
1. I was told that there was program in my community to help single mums start their own businesses. But since my son was no longer living at home, I didn't think this applied to me. But the leader of the program thought I fit in pefectly; that I could not only fulfill my dream of having my own busniess and being a role-model.
2. 11th, Spetember, 2001

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