Friday, 10 October 2008

Slow and Steady

I had my friend back.
But I also had to guide my heart. It had been hurt enough. And I didn't wish to risk it again.
We started talking more. A friend gave me calling cards that cut the cost of calling Iraq on my part. During this time, Mark's brother was getting maried and Mark asked me to make a wedding sample for him as a gift. This being my business, of course I was paid. Busniess was pretty good as well.
And then came the call that changed everything. Mark would have a month's R&R. We had some friends that would be in Poland for a few weeks. So my job was to find out where they would be staying and let him know. And since I was praying for my friend's trip, it was an easy time to find out their travel plans.
O how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Mark called our friend Chuck at supper! To learn that the soldier they had been praying for was now in Poland! What a reunion! But no one knew my role behind the meeting...not for several weeks.
Mark did come home the last two weeks of his visit. Like this year, he came home during Passover. He had tried to attend a Seder while in Poland, but it didn't work out.

Then, one Shabbath, I recieved the call; "Laini, I'm coming to pick you up for Shabbath."
Just like old times.

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