Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Birthday Cake

On this morning, Mark was given the honour of carrying the Torah before it was read. A high honour, given in thanks that Mark returned home safe and sound.

The Birthday Cake
I know that my Beloved has been speaking to you all of memorable moments in our courtship, so I will tell you about The Birthday Cake. You see, my Beloved is a wonderful cook, and she loves to make things for me. In fact, she will tell everyone that she won my heart through my stomach, specifically LASAGNA! Well back to my story:
I was home on leave from my first deployment, and Laini wanted to know what I wanted for a birthday cake. Since I am a fan of German Chocolate cake with the traditional coconut frosting, I told her I wanted a triple layer German Chocolate cake with the coconut frosting. She looked at me increadulously and asked if I knew what I was asking for. I said, "Yep, that is what I want...a triple layer German Chocolate cake."
Well my Beloved said, "Okay, I never deny my Beloved anything he desires." And she didn't. When I came over the next day, she showed me my birthday cake. It was three layers like I asked. I looked at it with shock and horror. Here was this cake that was almost a foot tall. The third layer was breaking apart in the middle, and of course, since each box can make two layers, and she had to buy two boxes to make my cake, there was a separate layer. When she saw the look on my face, she cracked up. the only thing she said was, "I never deny my Beloved anything he wants."
Well, we went to my "suprise" birthday party with this monstrous cake. I'm looking at this thing thinking to myself, "How am I ever going to eat this thing?" To make matters worse, Suzanne also made me a chocolate bunt cake, and several other people also brought me cakes. I WAS SWIMMING IN CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To make matters worse, Paul and Sarah, our friends told us they were going to be going away, so we could not put anything in their refrigerater. Hehehe. As the night progressed, I had a piece from "MY BIRTHDAY CAKE," and knowing I could not eat any more, I asked Laini to cover me while I snuck the cake into Paul and Sarah's refrigerater. Yeah, I know they said no, but what are friends for? Besides I was leaving in the morning, and it would be at least a day before they realized what happened. I would be well on my way back to Iraq by then... Hehehe.

Laini's notes: The funny thing is, when Paul and Sarah saw the cake in the fridge the next day, they knew Mark had put in in there. However, it would be several months before they learned that I covered Mark as 'Operation Put Cake in Fridge' was in progress .

As promised, here are some pictures fron Mark's birthday, parties, including the German Chocolate Cake. This is from Mark's first deplpyment, 2004
This set of pictures are from the birthday party our friends the Burts gave for Mark. The pretty little girl is Elana, who shares my hebrew name. She would also later be my flower girl.

The Sabbath he came home, Mark was given the honour of carrying the Torah that morning. We were all so glad he came home safe and well.
And this is the German chocolate cake you read about. The three layer Cake that was so big and heavy that it began to break in the center. This is the night before Mark had to return to Iraq. We didn't know it then, but Mark was in the beginning stages of Cancer.
While Mark home, a fellow soldier covered for him. The deal? Mark had to bring back Brownies. Mark said his girlfriend made the best Brownies and when he came home, he asked if I could fufill this request. This woman was serving in Iraq and I was going to say no?! Mark took this picture to show that she did recieve the Brownies; intact.

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